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Sep 28, 2017 - 34 minute read

Personal loans and repayments

I have called three times, most recently on the 20th of January. That was on Tuesday. It is now Saturday the 24th and still no letter. This company has been in contact with me about an old debt which I had thought had been paid. Personal loans and repayments agreed to make payments once it was verified that the debt was valid. The collection agency, Progressive Financial Services, stated that after 3 monthly payments, I would be on a reduced interest payment plan.

This was stated on several different dates.

Personal loans and repayments

You do not have to wait hours for your answer. Our process allows you to receive the answer personal loans and repayments. In addition to our easy application process and approval response, it only takes a few clicks to change your life.

We all make excuses every now and then. What if I am not approved. What do I do if I get denied. Do I have to tell them why I need the money. Stop creating more issues for yourself. Log on today and complete the application. You can even do it from any computer you can get to.

Personal loans and repayments

Solution Loans is a licensed credit broker and not a lender. Nothing personal loans and repayments this website constitutes financial advice. If you need financial advice you should speak to a qualified financial advisor. This website provides information only. The choice of product is yours and your alone. As a broker we process the information you provide us and we may pass this onto our trusted third party lenders and brokers. All borrowing is subject to you being a UK resident, aged 18 or over and your personal circumstances.

All lenders operate responsible lending policies and as such what you would like to borrow is subject to an affordability assessment. § Visit how we earn revenue for more information.

Personal loans and repayments
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